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Tree and Birds Stencil Customize Design - 156

Rs. 1,699.00 Rs. 2,600.00

 DecorZe wall stencils are extremely simple to use. All you need to do is to wear your paint-apron and get to work. Ensure that your walls are smothered before using stencils to avoid cracked designs.  If you have a freshly painted wall, let it dry completely. Place the stencil on the wall at the height you require, use some painters tape to hold them in place. When you are sure you have adjusted the stencils in good alignment, dip the paint roller into the color of your choice. Squeeze off the excess paint on the roller by rolling it onto a newspaper.  When the paint from the roller is no longer dripping, you can start painting the stencils. Not squeezing out the extra paint or  applying too much pressure while painting can cause seeping of paint into the corners, resulting in bleeding designs without sharp margins. You can use different brushes or clothes to give texture to your paint. Experiment with colors, add your signature strokes and get creative with these reusable stencils.  

Package Includes 5 Stencils : 3 Pieces Tree Stencils, 1 Leaves Stencils, 1 Birds Stencil