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Mandala Art | Easy n simple DIY stencil | Decorze Mandala Stencils 023

Simple and easy wall paintings with mandala art. Paint your wall with Mandala Art Designs. This material is reusable and easy to clean. Wall stencils are the perfect DIY method for beginners to create a modern and dramatic look with stencilling. Stencils for decoration you can use on any surface texture. Stencils are ideal for adding pattern to almost any hard surface, including furniture. Transform a table top, chest of drawers, or cabinet door with paint and stencils. 

Mandala Art Wall Stencils are easy to use and easy DIY projects, perfect for beginners. Better than wallpaper or vinyl sticker. You can stencil in any colour of your choice to perfectly match your decor. All of our easy stencil registration system, allowing you to repeat these stencils across your wall perfectly every time. We want to make stencilling enjoyable process for you and hope you can find your own favourites to turn your walls lovely. We keep up with latest trends of patterns and adjust them in the decor. Mandala Art Wall stencils aren't just for walls. Use them on furniture clothing, canvas, crafts and so much more! Stencil is great for all types of crafting! 

Product Details:
Sheet Includes 2 sizes of mandala
Mandala Size 1: 21" inch Dia
Mandala Size 2: 41" inch Dia 
Material: Food Grade Plastic White film
Reusable Material, Made in India

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