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Living room wall painting ideas

Walls are nothing but huge accessibility of blank space in our living rooms we could use them as canvas and by painting on them we could decorate our leaving room. This blank space can be utilized in many ways in order to decorate our living room through different wall paint ideas. To start up with, we should first paint the wall according to our living room decoration. We should also take into care that each wall should be properly painted according to our furniture, curtains etc. to give it a pleasing look.


Decorative wall paint ideas surely help us to add a shine to our living room. There is a wide range of decorative wall painting ideas such as sponging, ragging, and stenciling. If our living room is small then our base color should be in lighter tones and if our living room is of big size then we could dark and bright color but this color should match other decorative items in leaving room.