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Leaf stencils for bed room wall

Welcome!  Leaf stencils is dedicated to making completely unique and quality stencils. All of the stencils are originally hand-drawn, and the designs are inspired by nature. They are made of very durable, yet flexible clear plastic. Leaf designs help create a tranquil and picturesque mood, accomplished quickly and easily with stencils.
Leaf Stencils are designed to be of the highest quality and simple to use. Leaf stencils return to the traditional art of hand painting with a roller or brush, ensuring that the image will never slip, wrinkle or damage your wall. Reinvent your dining room with lavish blooms or stately oaks. Show off your whimsical side with the ocean series in your bathroom or child's bedroom.
Some techniques to create the impression of a wall painting in the beautiful interior decoration can be found and tacked to the wall of your house. Has a unique wall with paint and a beautiful color of course will create a distinct impression in your home.
Bedroom wall stencil(FS-24)
Bedroom wall stencil(GS-05)
Bedroom wall stencil(LS-02)
Bedroom wall stencil(KS-07)