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Damask stencils for wall décor

You'll fall in love with this Moroccan inspired stencil Damask Reusable stencils save you money and make you feel proud of your creation. This ethnic allover pattern is perfect for DIY decor. Registration is built into design for ease of aligning. Damask stencil patterns bring stylish elegance to any room. Great for traditional or contemporary decor - just play with your color combination! Looks stunning on the accent wall.


This is a reusable wall stencil, not a vinyl wall decal. Our sturdy and reusable stencils can be used again and again. One stencil can produce many images unlike one-time use vinyl decals.  You are not limited with your color choices. Choose any paint color you want to perfectly match your decor. Stencils will never damage your walls. No peeling, no glue residue, no worries. Unlike decals, stenciling is easy to touch-up, adjust or re-do. With most decals you only get one chance to install it right.