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Customise butterfly stencil design

Whatever your specific decor ideas, I trust you will discover designs, concepts or tutorials that spark your imagination, inspire you to be creative and afford you the means achieve stunning feature-walls, textures and patterns.
Butterfly Stencil(BS-12)
Paint the tree leaves and the butterflies in different colors, add more butterfly pictures for a busier look - there are tons of ways you can use these wall stencils with butterfly and clemantis design for your walls. 
Butterfly Stencil(BS-05)
For wall painting stencil pattern
Reusable stencil
Butterfly pattern
Can combine with diatom ooze for wall DIY painting
Material: Plastic
Color: Transparent
Paint the glue spray on the stencil pattern, pasted on the wall, and then start brushing.
Painting according to the direction of the pattern, evenly coating the colors gently and torn the stencil pattern later.
Package Includes: 3 Sizes
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