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 Stencil Brush

A stencil brush is a specialist brush with short, firmly packed bristles. They are available in various widths, from small for tiny, detailed sections of a stencil to large ones for faster painting in of sections.
The main advantage of a stencil brush over a normal paint brush is that it reduces the chances of getting paint under the edge of the stencil because of the stiff bristles.
If you're painting a border stencil with several colors, you may find it easier to have a brush for each color, rather than rinsing the brush each time.

Stencil Tape 

 tape it to the surface with a few pieces of low tack blue painters tape. Do not use regular white masking tape because it's way too sticky for most painted surfaces and will likely pull off the base paint when you remove your stencil. You can also use a spray adhesive to achieve even cleaner and crisper edges.


Foam Roller