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Stencil ideas for walls, floors and DIY projects ... as fun DIY options to decorating a beautiful home wall- without even touching the walls.

These bold stencils are fashionable, economical, super versatile and are so easy to use! Perfect stencils for beginners! If you love the look of trendy vinyl wall decals but dislike the idea of putting vinyl stickers on your walls, these modern wall stencils are just what you've been looking for. Not only are they re-usable, but they give you the flexibility of choosing any paint colour you want. Plus it's so much fun to create your own hand-stencilled art instead of just applying a sticker. So easy to use, even beginners get great results! Please watch our how to stencil videos to learn a simple stencilling technique.

Home wall with stencil(FS-18)

Beautiful home walls(KS-05)

Beautiful home walls(GS-07)

Beautiful home walls(DS-08)