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10 beautiful butterfly stencils

Butterflies fascinate little girls. In flight, a butterfly's brightly colored wings look like fairies dancing among the flowers and bushes. Girls' imaginations are engaged, and a whole world opens up to the magic of nature and color. Bring this magic into your little girl's room by painting butterflies on the walls.

This Stencil comes with Free Shipping and free tools, This Beautiful Bamboo Stencil looks more beautiful design and its looks natural painting, Stencils cheep and cost effective compare decals and wallpaper, decorze stencils made of 125 and 175 micron food grade films that more flexible and thick.

Many people don't realize is that "wall stencils" can be used for many other purposes than simply applying designs to a wall a stencil that is called a wall stencil can actually be used to paint fabrics, t-shirts gift cards, furniture, and canvas as well.

Butterfly Stencil (BS-08)

For wall painting stencil pattern
Reusable stencil
Butterfly pattern
Can combine with diatom ooze for wall DIY painting
Material: Plastic
Color: Transparent
Paint the glue spray on the stencil pattern, pasted on the wall, and then start brushing.
Painting according to the direction of the pattern, evenly coating the colors gently and torn the stencil pattern later.
Package Includes: 3 Sizes
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