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Custom Wall Stencil for Mirror Background - 5/2 Feet

Rs. 2,300.00 Rs. 2,900.00


Let us help you create your own stencil designs. It's one of our most popular services. Over the past few years we have created thousands of designs for our customers. The projects vary greatly in scope and size. From large wall-covering damask stencils, to small detailed glass etching stencils. From durable industrial stencils to decorative accents


Our experience and combination of design quality, laser cutting precision, competitive pricing is the BEST in the business. We offer a range of the capabilities:

1. Large laser-cut mylar stencils (available in many thicknesses)

  • Wall-covering stencils
  • Border stencils
  • Industrial stencils
  • Embossing stencils
  • Promotional stencils

2. Cut small detailed designs

   (e.g., letters in 1/8 inch height)

  • Small logo stencils
  • Glass etching stencils
  • Tattoo stencils
  • Wedding stencils
  • Small art & craft stencils

3. Option to cut on self-adhesive masking pattern

  • Stencils without "breaks"
  • Continuous border stencils
  • Staining stencils
  • Large etching stencils
  • Sandblasting stencils


To get a quote and order a custom stencil, follow these two steps:

1) Fill out the Custom Design Stencil Estimate form:  CUSTOM DESIGN FORM

2) Provide us with a picture or file of the design (photo, drawing, web image or vector file, if available). 

send via e-mail to:


Each custom job is estimated separately. The price is a function of the complexity of the design, the file format, the size and number of copies ordered. It can range from as little as Rs.7000/- (for  one overlay designs, large, complicated, multiple overlay designs) Includes each one set of stencil & shipping cost anywhere in india.

Most customized orders are completed and dispatched within 3-10 business days!

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