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How to paint ceiling stencils

 Before starting stenciling your wall should be clean, dry, dust free and good condition, Then deside the wall you want to stencil. Select stencil type and the desired position, Choose the colors, if the background wall color is to be changed, Keep the new color in mind while preparing the stencil color.Touch up any dirty areas if the color is to be retained,So wall must be clean before you move on next step.

Materials Used:

a) Stencil
b) Foam roller
c) painter Tape
d) Stencil paint
e) paper towels

Plan Your design and select the color , Take the position the design on the ceiling where  you wish to stencil. Align a stencil level with the edge, Secure the corner of the design with painter's tape. 

Dip the stencil brush which is a craft brush designed with tightly packed half circular end in to your paint.


And Continue painting until end of the circular your paint, Repeat this process until you complete the design pattern.   

Remove the painter tape and lift your design from the completed section,move it to the next area your wish to stencil repeat the stenciling step until you are satisfied with your ceiling stencil design.