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Geometric stencils for walls

Who needs wallpaper when you can simply use a stencil? You can stencil an accent wall using these geometric and allover stencil patterns  and get a stunning look  for a fraction of the price of designer wallpaper! It's easier and faster than you might think, even beginners get great results. With stencils, DIY wall decor is easy! Durable and strong, these stencils will last a long time and can be reused again and again.


Try stencils instead of expensive wallpaper! This geometric stencil "Out of the box" is perfect for your accent wall project. Reusable stencils save you a ton of money and make you feel proud of your creation. Your friends are not going to believe you've stenciled this yourself! This geometric allover pattern is perfect for DIY decor. Our stencil patterns bring stylish elegance to any room. This geometric design works great for contemporary decor. It looks stunning on the accent wall, for which it is recommended. This stencil works for curtains, pillows and furniture embellishment as well.