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Butterfly stencils for wall

A great stencil to start with, this butterfly allows you to experiment with color to great effect. It looks great dotted around the walls or curtains. It makes a nice stencil to use on greeting cards or invitations.Butterflies have a way of sprucing up any environment. No matter how drab a place might look, the site of a beautiful butterfly can instantly transform it. The stunning little creatures come in dozens of shapes, colors and sizes. Unfortunately, butterflies don't just hang around the yard, helping you create the ultimate garden. 

Butterfly Stencil (BS-11)

Decorating the walls of your rooms, especially for the kids room, withbutterfly stencils for walls is fun and a great way to add that extra touch to the walls. 

Butterfly Stencil(BS-12)


For wall painting stencil pattern

Reusable stencil

Butterfly pattern

Can combine with diatom ooze for wall DIY painting

Material: Plastic

Color: Transparent



Paint the glue spray on the stencil pattern, pasted on the wall, and then start brushing.

Painting according to the direction of the pattern, evenly coating the colors gently and torn the stencil pattern later.


Package Includes: 3 Sizes

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