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Bedroom Wall Stencils


Stencil painting and dreaming of what it would look like; we really didn't think it would turn out to be a part-time job for the week. And while it took 1 hour to paint my room.

Tools and Materials

• Stencil(s)
• Stencil brush
• Paint
• Paper Towels
• Painters Tape
• Instructions


1. Make sure the walls are prepped and clean2. Once you decide on your starting point, place the stencil on the wall and make sure it's properly aligned
3. Once it's straight, we placed a small piece of painters tape.
4. After you've mapped out the stencil on your wall(s), it's time to start stenciling. Unload most of the paint onto a folded paper towel. Take your stencil roller and in a jabbing motion, start to fill in the stencil with your paint. Because you unloaded much of the paint from your roller, you'll have to reload your paint roller 2-3 times for each flower stencil area.
5. Each time you remove the stencil, place it sticky side up to remove any paint that may have gotten underneath.
6. In order to paint our stencil in the corners, we had to bend the stencil which meant that only one side would be secure. In order for it to stay put, we held the other side down with our hands and the help of some painters tape.